Welcome to the Alpha Dad Blog

Alpha Dad

Thanks for visiting the Alpha Dad Blog.  Please feel free to join, comment, or present pertinent threads of interest for discussion.  Come and go as you like; it’s free.


-Ed. Alpha Dad


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3 Responses to “Welcome to the Alpha Dad Blog”

  1. Editor- Alpha Dad Says:

    Welcome to the Alpha Dad Blog. Please feel free to join, comment, discuss, etc. We invite readers of Alpha Dad (www.alphadad.net) to join here and say what you like about our web magazine, or to discuss topics you feel are pertinent. Come back, comment, visit. Thanks. -Ed. Alpha Dad

  2. miranda Says:

    hilarious humor page (though it’s getting a little slow to load- maybe a gallery-style format with the top 3 or 5 pics of the day?).


  3. djin325 Says:

    You should check out the exceptional Gift List of What to Buy Women for Christmas- http://www.alphadad.net/Christmas_List_BuyingGiftsforaWoman.htm#List_to_Buy_for_Women

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