Introduction of the new web magazine- Alpha Dad

A Web Magazine for Alpha Males, specifically- those that have grown/matured into Alpha Dads. All sorts of interesting original articles, reviews, grown-up humor, ‘Man Arts’ subjects, even a Kid-Parents page for things to show and teach your kids (as well as just cool stuff). Come visit!

 We also have a lens on Squidoo-

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6 Responses to “Introduction of the new web magazine- Alpha Dad”

  1. djin325 Says:

    Alpha Dad has a new lens on Squidoo:

    Go check out our lens. You can also make a lens subjects of your interest, or search for others you may like.

  2. Pickett Says:

    Every time I look online, AlphaDad has improved. The photos online from Christopher Yeo are unbelievable. And I really enjoyed — and learned from — the self-defense tips. I LIKE that I have permission to be angry if confronted/endangered.

    Keep up the ever-evolving, good content!

  3. kim Says:

    Visiting from Gennita’s site. Saw your plane ticket sites review, you missed You just enter your flight data once and it enters it into the other sites for you, handy when comparing.

  4. kim Says:

    My bad, I meant not cheaptickets.

  5. djin325 Says:

    Thanks, Kim. I know there are a lot of search engines for tickets. We couldn’t include all of them. But as you have mentioned this, I will put a post in both feedback and on the article. Thanks for your input!

    BTW- Kim is visiting from Gennita’s site, a good blog:

  6. djin325 Says:

    Alpha Dad Blog is linked to Technorati- Technorati Profile

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